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About Asparagus

Asparagus are slim green spears, often tinged with a bit of purple at the tip. It has a distinct, intense savoury flavour. The woody part at the bottom portion of the stem (not the tips) should be removed from both the thick spears and the slim. Skin only the thick spears before cooking.


Asparagus is also one of the only vegetables to contain inulin, which feeds friendly bacteria that live in the large intestine. This makes it a great food for preventing yeast overgrowth and it generally keeps the digestive system and gut healthy. It is beneficial for people who suffer from edema, high blood pressure or other heart-related diseases.

How to use…

Asparagus are firm in texture with balsam aromatics and their flavor is grassy, nutty and earthy sweet. Add cold asparagus to your favorite salad. Chopped asparagus make a flavorful and colorful addition to omelets.


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